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Dec 22, 2010

The Life of Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey Video Bio from Guy Harvey Sportswear on Vimeo.

Sep 17, 2010

Guy Harvey Gulf Fund Raising Effort Featured on CNN

We were honored to be featured on CNN recently for our Save Our Gulf fund raising effort.  Guy Harvey and AFTCO Bluewater are dedicated to keeping our oceans and waterways clean and safe for marine wildlife.  CNN picked up on the fact that our cause marketing efforts are authentic and part of the DNA of who we are.  The following copy is text from CNN’s blog.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on good causes. But in this challenging economy, corporate giving is taking on a new level of importance.

“Cause Marketing” is a term coined in the 1980s. But today, it’s becoming a popular method for companies to get through tough times, and build their brands.

We are accustomed to big companies like Pepsi and Nike getting behind global causes, but smaller businesses can get in on the action as well.

I profiled a small company, Guy Harvey Inc., that reports record revenues in 2008/2009, at the height of the recession, and management credits Cause Marketing with the success.

A pioneer in this field, Harvey says the cause started as an authentic desire to save the world’s oceans, and became a business strategy much later on.

“Sometimes you need to have money to do the good,” says Harvey, “and I feel good to be in this position now, to have the influence to really make a difference.”

Carol Cone, an expert on marketing and the author of “Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding” says companies spent more than $9 billion in 2001 on charitable causes. The challenge, she says, his ensuring they meet their business objectives at the same time.

According to Cone, recent surveys show six out of 10 consumers say they are more loyal to a company that backs a cause. Social media is an important factor in the success of cause marketing. Cone says, “By word of mouth and social media, consumers can find out what a company truly stands for. Consumers want to be in control, they want to feel empowered to be good, so this really resonates.”

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Aug 30, 2010

Guy Harvey Receives the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Medal

I received a call just a couple of days out from leaving for Panama.  Dr. Marcos Ostrander, board member of the Tropic Star Group of Companies, said I was to bring a suit and tie. Something was up.  I was going fishing at Tropic Star this week and I had never taken formal clothes.  Dr. Ostrander later explained what it was about.  This was important stuff for me and my family, so I made arrangements for my daughter Jessica to travel to Panama City on Tuesday night so I would have a family member there for the ceremony on Wednesday.

Panama's Minister of Tourism, Solomon Shamah, presents the Grand Cross to Guy Harvey

Fishing had been good at Tropic Star, black marlin and blue marlin were biting that morning. It was surreal to have been in combat with a 500 pound black marlin for a couple of hours off the remote, pristine Darien coastline and then be in the big city a few hours later.  I left Pinas Bay early afternoon and flew into the City with Eleanor Armstrong, the TSL administrator. Jessica arrived from Atlanta that evening and we were collected next morning by Dr. Ostrander and his wife Irene and were taken to the ATLAPA Convention Center.  Here, a number of personnel from the Ministry of Tourism and Protocol had gathered, plus personalities from several tourism companies and the media.  I did several interviews before formal proceedings began.

The Minister of Tourism, His Excellency the Honorable Salomon Shamah, and his lovely wife Rachel, came in with their entourage and we were introduced.  My Spanish is unfortunately very poor, so the Minister addressed me in English, extending the President’s regards and congratulations.

The formal ceremony took place with a spokesperson from the Ministry reading out the proclamation and the reasons for the award.  An interpreter translated for the audience, then the Minister gave his address. I was impressed as he never referred to his notes!

The Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Grand Cross and Silver Star; symbol of highest recognition from Panamanian Government

I was very humbled by all of what he said and I had to take a deep breath as I turned to receive the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Grand Cross around my neck, the silver star on my left chest and then was handed the decree, signed by the President and Vice President.  I was asked to make a few comments, and in doing so, I thanked the people and Government of Panama for their kindness and for this great honor.  I thanked the owners and staff of Tropic Star Lodge, whose unique location had inspired so many paintings, stories, friendships and through whom I had so many wonderful fishing and diving experiences, so much so that I could write a book with authority, called “Panama Paradise”.

It is not a coincidence that the pioneer Ray Smith from Texas, who built Tropic Star in the early 1960s, was awarded the same honor in 1964.

We toasted the President and the country of Panama, and then everyone came up to shake my hand. Lots of reporters came forward for posed photos with the Minister.  It was a huge moment in my life to be honored in this manner by another country.  I would like to share with you a quote from local newspaper El Visitante 13 Aug. 2010:

Guy Harvey Honored

“Sport fishing enthusiast and environmental conservationist receives highest recognition from Panamanian Government.”

“When someone gives so much to Panama, without being asked to do so, it is the very least the Panamanian government can do to recognize them with our highest honor,” Said Panama Tourism Authority Administrator Salomon Shamah earlier this week of Guy Harvey who received the Vasco Nuñez de Balboa medal for his stewardship of Panama’s marine resources.

Guy Harvey is more than a regular at Tropic Star Lodge in Darien, arguably the most famous fishing hotel in the world.  He is an avid conservationist whose labor of love has led him to become one of the biggest advocates for Panama’s marine life.  Through his Research Institute at Nova Southeastern University and his Ocean Foundation Guy has embarked on a scientific mission to better understand fishing resources in Panama.  Most notably he has assisted with tagging and satellite tracking of many species in conjunction with Tropic Star Lodge.

The ceremony honoring Harvey was carried out at the ATLAPA Convention Center.  Harvey presented his limited edition 345-page book entitled “Panama Paradise, A tribute to Tropic Star Lodge” to ATP Administrator Shamah.

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Jun 10, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill

I just completed a weekend visit to Alabama and Mississippi for appearances at Academy Sports + Outdoor and Hibbett Sports.  While I was there, I had a chance to talk with many people about the impact of the Gulf oil spill.  When you visit the affected area it means much more than seeing the tragedy on TV from fifteen hundred miles away, so I considered it time to comment on the incident.

There has been such a widespread condemnation of the responsible party BP that I am not going to add to that, only to say the whole episode exposes man’s unpreparedness for such events.  We are so quick to exploit both living and mineral resources without putting in place the necessary conservation or mitigating processes.  There has been widespread commercial overexploitation of fish and shellfish in the gulf (bluefin tuna, redfish, red snapper, sharks, shrimp with consequent by-catch mortality) and extensive deep water oil drilling apparently without adequate procedures in place on site or along the coast to prevent accidents of this caliber and keep the oil from coming ashore.

Guy proudly assisting daughter Jessica

Guy proudly assisting daughter Jessica

Already 2010 has seen devastating earthquakes, massive flooding, destructive typhoons, huge tornadoes, and now we are adding to this destructive scenario.  In addition, we are at the beginning of what may be an active Atlantic hurricane season.

Sure, oil has been extracted from the gulf for over fifty years. Most of it safely, except for some small incidents here and there which seem acceptable to the industry.  I am reminded that there are oil spills all around the world where drilling takes place but not on this level.  The last major catastrophe was in 1979 in the Bay of Campeche (southern Gulf of Mexico) when the oil flowed for nearly three hundred days following an oil rig explosion.  People have forgotten about that one.  It was not well publicized and certainly did not have live underwater video of the tens of barrels of oil per second spewing from the broken well on our TV 24/7.

Experts say it could take a couple more months before the problem is solved.  In that time the public will become accustomed to the bad news, and watch something else.  Certainly Haiti does not come up on the news any more.  But for the wildlife affected and for the people whose livelihood is severely interrupted, this event is as bad as a Cat 5 hurricane, an 8.0 earthquake or a terrible tornado.

The longer the oil flows, the more wildlife will be affected.  Given the slow circulation of the gulf, the oil and dispersants is already killing off untold numbers of planktonic animals, fish eggs, larvae and juvenile fish which affect recruitment of these species for the next couple of years.  The bluefin tuna particularly comes to mind as their spawning ground is affected by the spill.  This species is already severely overexploited, and this will definitely affect the survivability of the species in the western Atlantic.  While the adults of all pelagic species can avoid the oil, the juvenile stages cannot.  Neither can air-breathing turtles, sea birds and mammals that have to interact with the surface.

Guy coaching son Alex

Guy coaching son Alex. Guy and other recreational fishermen desire to leave our children and grandchildren a healthy resource legacy

Movement of surface oil and suspended oil droplets is likely to happen with slow passage out of the gulf then accelerating with the gulfstream proceeding  to Cuba, Florida and the US east coast further north. The effects will be widespread as has been projected.  In the mean time, over several years the remaining mass of oil will be slowly eroded through evaporation and breakdown by bacteria.

Our dependence on oil has to end at some point, the sooner the better. This accident is a very appropriate reminder that we need to turn to alternative, renewable energy sources as soon as possible. Sun, wind, hydrogen are all available and the technology exists to make meaningful changes over the next ten to twenty years.

Of course the oil companies don’t want to see this happen.  This business is SO profitable that they are going to protect it indefinitely. However, while they are still in business, this event may encourage them to spend more money providing grants to gulf coast universities to assist in upgrading the scientific research work and improving our knowledge of the coastal wildlife ecosystems, nearshore marine and oceanic marine systems.  In the middle of this disaster, let’s also not lose focus of the real habitat value that the offshore oil rigs have provided fish and other marine life for many years, both as working rigs and after decommissioning when the rigs are often sunk and turned into an environmentally positive Rigs-To-Reefs Program.

So how can we the public, living outside of the affected area, help?  We can contribute time and dollars to the clean up process.  This ecological disaster cannot be cleaned up by BP, even though they say they are going to pay for it.  The effects of the spill are going to be with us for a long time.  I am contributing time to do new designs printed by AFTCO to be sold through our dealers with proceeds benefiting suitable organizations on the ground who need assistance in getting the clean-up accomplished.  In the same way following 9/11 I generated new designs the proceeds of which benefitted firemen and sniffer dogs in the New York area.

In the mean time dive safely and fish responsibly.

It is our collective responsibility to conserve the marine environment and maintain the biodiversity of the planet.

 — Guy Harvey

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Jan 8, 2010

Roll Tide! The Making of the Alabama Champion Special Edition T Shirt

Alabama-T-ShirtI thought it would be fun to let you peak behind the scenes at Guy Harvey Sportswear, and see what we went through to deliver the Guy Harvey Alabama BCS Champion T Shirt.

It all started several weeks ago when Guy Harvey painted the design, after learning that Alabama was going to be in the BCS Championship game. Guy takes these projects very seriously, which shows in the quality of the art, and the creative way he ties it together with the messaging. That may also explain why last year’s special edition Gators T Shirt was a runaway hit.

Here at AFTCO Bluewater, home of Guy Harvey Sportswear, we spent a few days getting Guy’s artwork prepared for printing, creating all of the films and screens, and then running a sample production run the day before the game. Sampling a new T Shirt can take 4 to 5 hours so all this prep work has to be done in advance. This work is all done with the knowledge that it might be in vain if Alabama were to lose the game.

By this time, we’ve already ordered all of the T Shirt blanks (unprinted t shirts), along with officially licensed CLC hologram tags and had them waiting by the screen printing machines, ready to begin printing as soon as the results of the game were announced.

Then we nervously watched a very exciting BCS championship game as Alabama held off the late charge by an amazing Texas team, down but not out with the loss of their great quarterback Colt McCoy. Then it happened, Alabama won their first national championship since 1992!

Shipping-T-ShirtsWhen the game timer hit 0:00 we began screen printing and worked through the night to fulfill the Air freight orders first thing the next morning.

We will be printing a second round over the weekend and be ready to ship more Alabama Champion Guy Harvey T Shirts early next week.

We love our job and are excited to provide this great special edition Guy Harvey T Shirt to Alabama fans across the country!

Roll Tide!

Bill Shedd