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Jun 3, 2011

Photos, Fishing, Diving and Friends at the Bimini Big Game Club

When we get the opportunity to combine work with our passions, we are indeed blessed.  Last week at the Bimini Big Game Club was just such an opportunity, as I met with my Guy Harvey Outpost Resort Partners (Guy, Mark Ellerd and Charlie Forman), all together for the first time at Bimini. I worked on a photo shoot for the  site and AFTCO catalog, and experienced some great fishing, diving and stand up paddle boarding.

As the licensee and manufacturer/distributor for all Guy Harvey clothing and footwear, one of our tasks at AFTCO is to put together a photo shoot of new product.  This year, we were not only fortunate to do so at the beautiful Bimini Big Game Club, the first Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, but also to have both Guy and his son Alex Harvey there to be the featured models. For the Guy Harvey photo shoots, we always hire a professional photographer, but use regular folks, not professional models.  The people wearing the Guy Harvey clothing you see in our photos for ads, catalog, and online website are all family and friends of Guy Harvey and AFTCO. During the Bimini shoot we took over 1000 photos.  We were able to recruit several of the female students and interns at Dr. Gruber’s Bimini shark lab, so not only did we get some great photos for the Guy Harvey men’s and young men’s lines, but for juniors as well.  Photos from the Bimini shoot will be on line at by October 1, when new products are released.

Photos from the Bimini Photo Shoot

While some of the shoot was located on land, much of it took place while fishing and diving. One of the things that makes the Guy Harvey sportswear line so unique is the authenticity of Guy Harvey and his brand.  Taking pictures of Guy, Alex and others doing what they do on, in, or around the ocean world is the natural way to show Guy Harvey clothing. Guy, Alex and I joined our good friend Bill Boyce as guests on his IGFA Salt Water Adventures TV fishing show for World Fishing Network (WFN) where he captured on camera the excellent fishing and diving that Bimini has to offer.  We went offshore and caught a blue marlin that cooperated with some awesome jumps that are sure to make for great TV.  We enjoyed some great drift, wreck and shark dives, made all the better with 100 foot visibility and post card perfect weather.  We also fit in some bone fishing on the flats and stand up paddle boarding— a great way to see Bimini’s abundant marine life right next to the resort.  

During this same week, the first Bimini Big Game Club Billfish Invitational Tournament was held, so the awesome days on or in the water were topped off with evening and nighttime activities with many friends from the fishing world.  Photos, fishing, diving and friends in Bimini—a great week to remember combining work and fun.


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Sep 17, 2010

Guy Harvey Gulf Fund Raising Effort Featured on CNN

We were honored to be featured on CNN recently for our Save Our Gulf fund raising effort.  Guy Harvey and AFTCO Bluewater are dedicated to keeping our oceans and waterways clean and safe for marine wildlife.  CNN picked up on the fact that our cause marketing efforts are authentic and part of the DNA of who we are.  The following copy is text from CNN’s blog.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on good causes. But in this challenging economy, corporate giving is taking on a new level of importance.

“Cause Marketing” is a term coined in the 1980s. But today, it’s becoming a popular method for companies to get through tough times, and build their brands.

We are accustomed to big companies like Pepsi and Nike getting behind global causes, but smaller businesses can get in on the action as well.

I profiled a small company, Guy Harvey Inc., that reports record revenues in 2008/2009, at the height of the recession, and management credits Cause Marketing with the success.

A pioneer in this field, Harvey says the cause started as an authentic desire to save the world’s oceans, and became a business strategy much later on.

“Sometimes you need to have money to do the good,” says Harvey, “and I feel good to be in this position now, to have the influence to really make a difference.”

Carol Cone, an expert on marketing and the author of “Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding” says companies spent more than $9 billion in 2001 on charitable causes. The challenge, she says, his ensuring they meet their business objectives at the same time.

According to Cone, recent surveys show six out of 10 consumers say they are more loyal to a company that backs a cause. Social media is an important factor in the success of cause marketing. Cone says, “By word of mouth and social media, consumers can find out what a company truly stands for. Consumers want to be in control, they want to feel empowered to be good, so this really resonates.”

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Jan 19, 2010

Guy Harvey Sportswear Launches First Official Online Store

New online store gives immediate access to entire line of 7,000 Guy Harvey fishing shirts and coastal lifestyle clothing items

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2010 — AFTCO Bluewater, the official licensee and manufacturer of Guy Harvey Sportswear, today announced the launch of a new online store for Guy Harvey fishing t shirts, fishing clothing and accessories at

Guy Harvey Fishing T Shirts Are Famous Among Fishing and Coastal Lifestyle Fans Worldwide

Guy Harvey Fishing T Shirts Are Famous Among Fishing and Coastal Lifestyle Fans Worldwide

Guy Harvey Fishing T Shirts Are Famous Among Fishing and Coastal Lifestyle Fans Worldwide
Guy Harvey, known as the world’s premier marine wildlife artist, a renown marine biologist and conservationist, teamed up with AFTCO Bluewater in 2004 to design and sell a line of “wearable fish art”; clothing featuring Guy Harvey’s lifelike, highly-detailed paintings of marine animals like marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish, tuna, sharks and more. Guy Harvey’s unique fish art is now worn by ocean and fishing enthusiasts everywhere and his fishing t shirts now rank as the most popular fishing shirts in the world. will display a full line of high quality Guy Harvey Men’s fishing t shirts featuring his extraordinary paintings, in addition to other men’s fishing clothing like tech and performance shirts, fishing shorts, fishing hats, belts, shoes, and sandals. An example of the quality of Guy Harvey clothing is evident in their popular men’s print shirts featuring perfect alignment of the design pattern across button lines or pocket stitching.

There is also a complete selection of Women’s clothing including dresses, skirts, shorts, knits, tanks, and tops, in addition to a popular new Junior’s and Young Men’s t shirt line featuring more youthful designs and a slimmer cut. The Youth department includes fishing shirts, t shirts, and hats.

Guy Harvey fishing shirts and clothing have been traditionally sold through retailers across the US, and through a few approved online vendors. “It is not our intention to compete with our retail distribution partners,” said Bill Shedd, President of AFTCO, “but there was really no single store where our customers could go to view or purchase all of the entire inventory of 7,000 sizes and styles of Guy Harvey clothing. This is what influenced our decision to launch the official online store and we’re excited about giving Guy Harvey fans everywhere easier access to a great line of fishing shirts and marine art clothing.” A retail store locator link is prominently displayed on the home page and throughout the site.

The Guy Harvey Sportswear site also includes a fishing blog that will feature big names from the fishing and ocean conservation industries. Look for articles from Guy Harvey plus posts from Dr. Mahmood Shivji, director of the Guy Harvey Research Institute, Bill Shedd, President of AFTCO Bluewater and well-known fishing and conservation advocate, Peter B Wright, big game fishing expert and record setting fishing boat captain.

Guy Harvey Sportswear is not just a hit with fishermen. His fishing t shirts, clothing and sandals are being worn in ever increasing numbers by students on college campuses, especially throughout the Southeast and in coastal areas. The Guy Harvey Facebook page has over 100,000 fans, including a large majority of students, and Guy Harvey Facebook groups on college campuses continue to proliferate.

A portion of all sales of GuyHarveySportswear goes to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, an organization of philanthropists, conservationists, scientists and educators focused on ocean conservation. Last year, Guy Harvey Sportswear’s licensee AFTCO Bluewater donated over $100,000 to the organization. was designed by Fireworx Digital of Laguna Niguel, CA and operates using the SearchFit ecommerce platform.

About Guy Harvey
Guy Harvey is an artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist and explorer, fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. He graduated with honors in Marine Biology from Aberdeen University in Scotland in 1977, and earned his Ph.D. from the University of the West Indies in 1984. Though he gave up a budding career as a marine biologist for that of a highly acclaimed artist, Guy has continued his relentless pursuit to unravel the mysteries of the sea, traveling the world to better understand the habits and habitats of the marine wildlife he paints. Guy has been a member of the IGFA Board of Trustees since 1993. Most recently, he has helped establish the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to fund scientific research and innovative marine conservation educational programs.

About AFTCO Bluewater
AFTCO stands for the American Fishing Tackle Company and was established in 1958 in Newport Beach, California. A family-owned company that ranks among the world’s most highly regarded saltwater fishing tackle manufacturers, AFTCO’s roller guides, fighting belts, harnesses, fishing gloves and more are found on top sportfishing boats world wide. It is that reputation for quality and complete customer satisfaction, along with AFTCO Bluewater’s expertise in designing and manufacturing quality clothing and the Shedd family’s longtime commitment to marine stewardship, that led Guy Harvey to partner with AFTCO Bluewater as his clothing licensee.

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