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Mar 28, 2012

AFTCO Launches New Fishing Clothing & Gear Website

AFTCO, the American Fishing Tackle Company, recently announced the launch of a new website. The site includes easy direct links to both the Guy Harvey and Al Agnew e-commerce sites— AFTCO is the clothing licensee for both of these famous artists. The website also includes old photos depicting the company’s long history of marine conservation and industry involvement that dates back to 1958.

The new website provides a wealth of information for consumers. Saltwater anglers can now find answers to questions about AFTCO roller guides, rod parts, gaffs, fishing harnesses and belts, outrigger clips, Unibutts and all other AFTCO tackle items. In addition to the websites rich history of conservation and tackle, it also showcases AFTCO’s complete line of Fishing Tackle and Fishing Clothing. In the video section, users will find a collection of the cool saltwater fishing videos to share with friends and much more. Visit for the complete line of AFTCO Fishing Gear

About AFTCO & Guy Harvey’s Relationship

In 1999, AFTCO became the licensee for Guy Harvey all over print shirts. Then in 2004, AFTCO became the official licensee for all the Guy Harvey Sportswear that is seen on this site. Since that time, the two brands have worked together to build the ever expanding Guy Harvey brand. AFTCO and Guy Harvey have not only grown the Guy Harvey brand, but have worked together in partnership on many conservation issues. In 2010, AFTCO and Guy Harvey teamed up with AFTCO’s retail partners and sales reps to raise $500,000 to support marine research projects for studying possible implications from the BP oil spill. Most recently, AFTCO and Guy Harvey have teamed up to help raise money for the “Rigs to Reefs” campaign through an oil rigs to reefs shirt.


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