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Jan 18, 2012

“Panama Paradise: Edge of Conservation” Documentary Scheduled for Release in Spring 2012

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—JANUARY 9, 2012— Internationally known wildlife artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey, who took audiences across the planet in the award-winning Portraits from the Deep documentary series, is launching several new film projects in 2012, starting with Panama Paradise: Edge of Conservation due for release this spring.

“A critical part of the mission of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is education and film is a superb way to deliver the messages of science and conservation,” said Dr. Harvey. “Only through understanding the issues can we hope to save our seas for future generations.”

In Panama Paradise: Edge of Conservation, Dr. Harvey and two-time Emmy Award winning producer George C. Schellenger takes the audience on an expedition where the jungle meets the sea in an explosion of life, an unforgettable vision of Panama and its surrounding waters. The film will show how scientists are working against the clock to protect a land and sea paradise that attracts visitors from around the world.

 “The film will feature massive storms, majestic marlins and even protective dolphins—all part of an adventure that takes place above and below the water,” said Dr. Harvey, whose latest documentary “The Mystery of the Grouper Moon” played a pivotal role in protecting one of the last know spawning areas of the Nassau grouper. An updated version of the documentary is in production. Also, a film revealing scientific breakthroughs in the study of migration patterns of satellite-tagged Tiger Sharks is underway for a 2012 release.

Dr. Harvey and Schellenger have collaborated on several projects recently, including “This is Your Ocean: Sharks”, a 44-minute documentary depicting sharks in their natural environment. This film captures the adventure and passion of shark diving and evokes a call for conservation and protection for the species that today is threatened by over fishing for a growing demand for shark fin soup.

Trailer for “Panama Paradise: Edge of Conservation”:

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Nov 2, 2011

Baitball — A Killers Day by Edwar Herreno

Amazing video of a feeding frenzy on a perfectly formed swirling fish “meatball”

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Dec 22, 2010

The Life of Guy Harvey

Guy Harvey Video Bio from Guy Harvey Sportswear on Vimeo.

Oct 7, 2010

Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge is shown here as seen on the NBC Nightly News with Kerry Sanders. This effort supported by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation encourages the release of all sharks and involves a satellite tagging component to help determine shark movements.

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Sep 17, 2010

Guy Harvey Gulf Fund Raising Effort Featured on CNN

We were honored to be featured on CNN recently for our Save Our Gulf fund raising effort.  Guy Harvey and AFTCO Bluewater are dedicated to keeping our oceans and waterways clean and safe for marine wildlife.  CNN picked up on the fact that our cause marketing efforts are authentic and part of the DNA of who we are.  The following copy is text from CNN’s blog.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on good causes. But in this challenging economy, corporate giving is taking on a new level of importance.

“Cause Marketing” is a term coined in the 1980s. But today, it’s becoming a popular method for companies to get through tough times, and build their brands.

We are accustomed to big companies like Pepsi and Nike getting behind global causes, but smaller businesses can get in on the action as well.

I profiled a small company, Guy Harvey Inc., that reports record revenues in 2008/2009, at the height of the recession, and management credits Cause Marketing with the success.

A pioneer in this field, Harvey says the cause started as an authentic desire to save the world’s oceans, and became a business strategy much later on.

“Sometimes you need to have money to do the good,” says Harvey, “and I feel good to be in this position now, to have the influence to really make a difference.”

Carol Cone, an expert on marketing and the author of “Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding” says companies spent more than $9 billion in 2001 on charitable causes. The challenge, she says, his ensuring they meet their business objectives at the same time.

According to Cone, recent surveys show six out of 10 consumers say they are more loyal to a company that backs a cause. Social media is an important factor in the success of cause marketing. Cone says, “By word of mouth and social media, consumers can find out what a company truly stands for. Consumers want to be in control, they want to feel empowered to be good, so this really resonates.”

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Jul 12, 2010

CNN Interview – Portrait of a Self-Taught Artist and the Sea

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (CNN) — Whether he’s out on the ocean monitoring stingrays in the Caribbean, or back on land painting in his studio, Guy Harvey spends all his time surrounded by fish.

Raised in Jamaica and educated in Scotland, Harvey is one of the world’s leading conservationists with a first class degree in marine biology and a PhD in fisheries management.

His love of the sea and ecology inspired Harvey to found the Guy Harvey Research Institute in 1999 which provides scientific information about fish protection and biodiversity.

But this is only half of Harvey’s remarkable story. He is a highly successful businessman with a chain of seafood restaurants and a self-taught artist whose depictions of game fish have become world famous.

“I didn’t go to art class or art school, never took a lesson in my life. I learned everything from trial and error and it’s this persistence, I suppose, with the illustrative content which got me to where I am,” Harvey told CNN.

Ernest Hemmingway’s novella, “The Old Man and the Sea” inspired Harvey’s obsession with game fish and moved him to depict the famous fishing story in a series of pen and ink drawings a quarter of a century ago.

He paints every day and 10 percent of the proceeds of all the paintings he sells goes straight back into his eco-organizations.

Harvey also created a TV series, “Portraits of the Deep,” to showcase game fish and their importance to the environment.

“To see them underwater in their glowing, feeding and moving colors, their aggression colors are probably one of the most exciting things you can do as a diver,” Harvey said.

These videos play constantly in his stores and his restaurants where Harvey’s art is also on the walls, and only sustainable fish species are on the menu.

Harvey’s marine expertise has also helped to pioneer techniques of recording billfish underwater and a tagging system to monitor them over long distances.

More recently, he’s taken on the plight of sharks. Hunted for their fins, the loss of these predators could affect the oceans’ fragile balance.

Harvey’s recent Ultimate Shark Challenge was a catch-and-release fishing tournament held off the Southwest Florida coast. Endangered sharks were tagged for study and not a single one was strung up in the dock.

Sharks are also in danger in the Gulf of Mexico because of the BP oil leak. Harvey fears other fish are at risk too. He’s planning a new line of t-shirts to raise funds for research.

“We have no idea when this is going to stop or how far it’s going to reach and what the life span of this disaster is going to be,” Harvey said.

From the study of stingrays, to the most pressing conservation issues in global fisheries, the diver, artist, scientist, and businessman is always promoting the preservation of marine ecology.

“Fish are just stinking fish to most people. They have their filet that comes on the plate or you buy it in the fish mongers and it comes in a cellophane bag and it’s dead and cold and smelly. These are beautiful graceful ocean predators that need our respect.

“I want to leave people feeling that, you know, we really need to think more about how we use the ocean and everything that’s in it and if I’ve achieved that, then that will do it for me.”

Mar 17, 2010

Do Billfish Use Their Bills To Help Capture Prey?

Anglers have known for some time that that broadbill swordfish do in fact use their bills to help them secure a meal.  For example, Southern California anglers have watched firsthand as swordfish cut their mackerel in half with a quick flip of the bill.

While sailfish are best known for their above water antics, Guy Harvey also depicts them below the water

While sailfish are best known for their above water antics, Guy Harvey also depicts them below the water

Marlin and sailfish, however, were a different story.  There had long been a debate as to whether or not marlin and sailfish actually used their bills to stun and then eat a bait, or did they simply use their bills as a balancing mechanism to assist in their swimming motion? 

When a marlin or sailfish rises in the spread and attempts to eat the trolled lure or rigged bait, the bill moves violently in that effort.  Some have thought that the fish were attempting to hit the bait with their bill while others have speculated that the bill played no part in the effort and simply followed the movements and direction of the fish’s excited and hungry mouth.  Even slow motion video of surface feeding billfish could not conclude this long standing debate. 

Two Sails

Feeding sailfish as witnessed firsthand by Guy Harvey

This long standing debate ended during an underwater filming expedition where I was able to not only witness firsthand, but also film on different occasions both marlin and sailfish using their bill’s to stun and catch meal.  It was a real thrill to witness off of Isla Mujeres using their extended dorsal fins to corral the bait into a tight school.  It was an even bigger thrill to then watch the sailfish make a distinct motion with their bill to hit and stun the sardines and then circle back to eat them as they sank away from the school. 

The ocean is full of exciting scenes such as the one described above.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to witness firsthand so many awesome moments underwater, and even more fortunate be able to make my living bringing those scenes to you through both art and film.  My painting Two Sails was created by taking what I witnessed firsthand, putting that to canvas, and then on to fishing t-shirts and other items.

Billfish Feeding from Guy Harvey Sportswear on Vimeo.

Mar 8, 2010

Famed Angler Stewart Campbell Pulled Overboard by Marlin

The action in this amazing video includes not only a giant blue marlin taking the bait right up close in the prop wash, but also International World Record Holder Stewart Campbell being pulled out of the fighting chair, over the transom and into the drink.  Stewart and his team consisting of captain Bark Garnsey and wireman Charles Perry are far and away the best blue marlin team in the world.  This awesome footage shows that the unexpected can happen even to the best.

The “bait and switch” technique they perfected where the rigged bait and hook are slid back to the fish as the teaser (lure with no hook) is retrieved, makes not only for fishing success, but also for a visual thrill as the marlin takes the bait on the surface. The technique is explained in this video and Stewart’s Atlantic Blue Marlin  World Records of  336 lbs. on 6lb test, 562 lbs 8 lb test, 820 lbs on 16 lb, 714 lbs on 20 lb test and 872 lbs on 30 lb test are proof of just how successful this style of fishing can be when you have the right team in place to take advantage of it.

This video is presented by with permission from Stewart Campbell and from Charles Perry of Nautical Dreams.

Man Overboard | Marlin Fishing Featuring Stewart Campbell from Guy Harvey Sportswear on Vimeo.

Feb 10, 2010

Broadbill Swordfish Release

This amazing video shows a swordfish stuck in a blowout preventer of an offshore underwater oil rig being pulled out and released by a ROV.

Swordfish are considered by many to be the ultimate prize of the big game fisherman.  Known not only for their strength and stamina this magnificent game fish is also one of the oceans best tasting fish.  The IGFA All-Tackle world record swordfish was caught in Chile and weighed 1182 pounds.  The fish in this video is estimated to weigh in the 400 pound range.

Unlike marlin whose bill is round, the swordfish bill is flat and much like the Roman broad sword that was designed after the swordfish’s bill. Swordfish usually travel alone.  They use their bill for defense and to kill or stun prey such as squid and other deep water prey.  Swordfish are known to be very aggressive and have been known to attacked boats and even deep diving submarines.

Their very large eye allows them to see in the low light conditions of the deep water environment where they spend most of their lives.

One of my favorite fishing shirts featuring this beautiful marine animal is the Swordfish Strike T-Shirt available in long or short sleeve and a variety of colors.

Jan 28, 2010

Is it Possible to Catch a Marlin With Bare Hands Diving From a Helicopter?

Recently my daughter Carrie e-mailed me to have me check out this video of a guy jumping out of a helicopter to catch a free swimming marlin.  She knew I would get a kick out of seeing it, and she also wanted me to help solve an argument she and her friends where having as to whether it was real, or simply Hollywood at its best.  Check out this video, it is truly awesome.  Real, however, it is not.

To the friends of my wonderful daughter this appeared real indeed.  To someone like myself, or any of my friends who have also spent a lifetime trying to better understand and figure out marlin and other highly migratory fish, this is an impossibility made to look real through some very clever and outstanding camera work.  Whether or not it actually happened does not change the fact that this is a way cool ocean video.

The video features adventure fisherman Matt Watson, star of the Discovery Network series Man vs. Fish.  Matt is a great entertainer and we mean no disrespect, as he is an avid promoter of responsible catch and release fishing, and helps drive awareness of our beloved sport.  He has caught marlin from a surfboard and a jetski, and a shark from a child’s inflatable raft.  In this particular episode, they’ve found a marlin near a feeding frenzy of dorado and proceed to hover the helicopter over the fish, allowing Matt to dive head first into the water (with his sunglasses on) tackling the marlin unaware, and then riding it for a few seconds and releasing it.

So what might have actually happened?  My speculation is that the marlin was caught in the traditional way, with a fishing rod and reel.  After a long, drawn out battle the weary fish was pulled along side the boat, photographed for posterity and carefully released, at which time the film crew was already in the water, ready to shoot the “helicopter jumper” as he jumped the couple of feet from the side of the boat onto the worn-out fish.

But again, I take nothing away from the entertainment value of watching a man jump from a helicopter onto one of the most amazing and sought after game fish in the ocean and wrestle it bare handed.  It’s fun to see what you can do in the video edit suite!

Our main goal with this blog will be to bring you directly from Guy Harvey his insights and personal accounts of his many adventures and expeditions in the ocean world.  We also will bring you guest blogs from additional experts on ocean issues and we will bring you the most interesting videos that deal with the ocean and the fish who call it home.   Real or not, this is one such video.  Pass this on to your friends and you are guaranteed to have some interesting conversation as to whether this is real or not.

We invite your comments!

–Bill Shedd President of AFTCO Bluewater