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Nov 16, 2012


Four years ago, I received a phone call from Jack McCulloch (McCulloch’s Wide Shoes) who said he had linked up with a group called Soles4Souls, an organization started by two Alabama brothers. Their mission is to pass out shoes to people who need them, and since 2005 had given away over 16,000,000 pairs. They were putting together a program to pass out shoes to folks in the East Cape of Mexico, and they were looking for T-shirts to go along with the shoes. Timing is everything as we had recently counted in over 5,000 second Guy Harvey T-shirts. The Guy Harvey brand is very picky about quality, so what would be a first quality product in many lines, becomes a second with Guy Harvey, as even the very slightest flaw is tossed into the second group.

Families waited in line from 1:00 a.m.for the 7:00 a.m. start time

Needless to say, he Guy Harvey T-shirts were a big hit in Los Barriles, a small fishing village about 50 miles south of La Paz. In the last four years, we at AFTCO, have donated over 16,000 Guy Harvey T-shirts to our Mexican friends to the south. Last year, daughter Christie went down to help pass out the shirts. She came back with such heart-warming stories of the event that this year we decided to make it a family trip.

After receiving a pair of shoes, people wait in line for a Guy Harvey T-shirt

Wife, Jill and I joined Christie for this year’s event, and it goes without saying that we will be back next year. Who would not want to return? It takes place at Palmas De Cortez, the premier fishing resort on the East Cape of Mexico where you only have to go a short distance offshore to find Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, marlin and more. We arrived a day early to insure a chance to check out this awesome offshore fishery. The next day we went to the distribution site at 5:00 AM. The first thing that struck me was that several thousand people were already in line for the 7:00 AM start time. Many had been there with their children since 1:00 AM.

Bill Shedd hands out Guy Harvey T-Shirts as Jill Shedd waits to send people to next station and Christie Shedd passes on next shirt

This boy can't wait to get home and try on his new tuna shirt

The next thing that struck me was how well organized the event was. Imagine over 3,000 people having their feet measured and fitted with the proper size shoe. Seasoned shoe industry professionals, from several different shoe companies, joined forces under Jack’s leadership to insure the operation was a well-oiled machine and that everybody left with a smile. To see the faces of the moms and the kids as you handed them a Guy Harvey T-shirt was priceless. Yes, we will be back next year!

– Bill Shedd


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Sep 21, 2012

Seeking Perfect Vision and Protecting Your Eyes

Peter B. Wright

Once in a while I still meet fishermen who wear non-polarized glasses. Sometimes they don’t even know their lenses don’t have the glare reducing capabilities serious anglers and guides deem essential. Others prefer their non-polarized “shades” because they value style more than reduction of glare. This is a HUGE mistake!

I rely on my vision and try to both protect and enhance it. My glasses also protect my eyes from ultraviolet radiation, physical trauma from flying objects and damage from dust and salt crystals. I visit my eye doctor at least once every year to check my prescription and make sure there are no other problems that could affect my sight.

Glaucoma, diabetes, pterygium, hypertension and brain tumors can all be detected during a thorough eye exam and early treatment is critical.

Sooner or later just about everyone’s eyes lose the ability to “accommodate” or focus clearly at close range. When I got to be about 40 years old, tying knots in light line classes became an exercise in futility, until I got corrective lenses for close up work. This requires a different prescription than the one I need for my astigmatism and can still give me better than 20/20 distance vision.

I used to always carry a pair of folding reading glasses for reading and tying knots. Then I got a pair of polarized bifocal lenses in a light grey tint that was great in bright light. With these I could see like a hawk at long range and still see even the tiniest flies and two pound test leaders -as long as there is a reasonable amount of daylight.

Even better than bifocals are the new “progressive lenses” that my eye doctor first got me to try in clear, non-fishing lenses. It took a little while to get used to making minute adjustments in the way I have to tilt my head, but I have worked my way from initially hating the glasses to really liking them. There is no obvious line where the lens shifts from near too far and part of the lens is just right at any distance from close up to infinity.

Now I have polarized glasses, progressive, in grey lenses and yellow lenses. With my progressive lenses I can read fine print or tie knots up close, read the gauges on my pickup truck dashboard or see the little numbers on the GPS on the boat at arm’s length and still see fish tails or birds in the far distance.

I use the grey glasses for bright light and the yellow lenses for lower light levels of light, early or late or on dull days. I also use the yellow lenses for sporting clays where shadows and bright spots are both part of the challenge.

There are many pairs of good glasses on the market and anytime I am offered a pair of new classes to field test, I give the company my very latest prescription and take the new glasses to the doctor to check them for their UV protection and the accuracy of the prescription.

Interestingly, ALL of the better known brands I have tried passed my eye doctor’s test for both clarity of vision and protection of my eyes.

I currently wear the Kaenon brand and have superb vision and have gotten better longevity without scratching from them than any others I have tried in the past.

I try hard to take care of my glasses. I wash them with fresh water as often as possible and NEVER use paper towels to wipe them off, only a lens cloth or facial tissue without lotion added. In an emergency, I use a clean cotton tee shirt.

If it is daylight and I am outdoors I am wearing my polarized Kaenon glasses. They give me hawk-like vision and protect my eyes. So far I have no sign of macular degeneration or cataracts!

I hope to keep it like that!!!

Good Fishing!

—Peter B Wright

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Jul 20, 2012

Preview of New Guy Harvey Line

Last week I attended my 38th consecutive ICAST fishing tackle industry trade show.  This event brings together business entities (manufacturers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, press and more) from all around the world for a 3 day show and event.  My how things have changed!  In the old days, there was no sportswear on display.  Last week, every isle had at least one sportswear exhibitor with clothing being the fastest growing segment at the show.  We were packed with customers the entire time.  We gave a sneak peek to the trade of the new Guy Harvey clothing product that will be available for sale 10-1-12. They loved our new styles and designs!  With nearly 200 new styles added to the line, I can’t report on all of it here, but I did want to let you know about some of the more popular items that will be available on this site as well as in our customers stores and on their sites, for next Christmas.

Guy Harvey has always been known for his T-shirts and the biggest hit in our booth was the next generation of Guy Harvey T-shirts that we have created within the performance group.  It features lines for both men and women with Guy’s art on a Dry Release performance blank.  Guy Harvey T-shirt fans can now have the best of both worlds with the Guy Harvey art they love and the sun protection, quick dry, stain resistant features the public now demands from today’s performance fabrics.  One of the features the buyers most appreciated about this state of the art performance product was the soft hand, even after the design was printed on the back.

In traditional Guy Harvey men’s cotton front pocket T-shirts, we showed a number of new designs and colors, but also two new groups to go along with the popular Military group.  Buyers loved the Americana collection currently on this site, in stores near you, and on the sites of our retail partners.  The other new group the trade loved was the Guy Harvey Tournament series that features fictitious fishing tournaments from around the country.

The expanded men’s sportswear program was the favorite of several of the buyers who stopped by our booth.  Our new state of the art Hybrid shorts, made with board short technology fabrics and Guy Harvey styling features, keep the Guy Harvey clothing line on the cutting edge of sportswear development.  The mini check long sleeve and the chambray long sleeve shirts, with eye-catching distressed Guy Harvey art on the back, continue to expand your opportunity to wear Guy Harvey in more settings where T-shirts are not appropriate attire. Keep all these men’s sportswear items and more in mind for that special gift next Christmas.

With the ladies growing interest to step out in Guy Harvey, our buyers were excited to see additional ladies sportswear items.  Those include the new V-neck and Scoop neck styles of ladies tees, polyester scoop neck dresses, cotton Tee Dresses and easy fitting tank dresses.   

The above items and more will be available in the stores near you and on line after 10-1-12.

 —Bill Shedd       


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Mar 28, 2012

AFTCO Launches New Fishing Clothing & Gear Website

AFTCO, the American Fishing Tackle Company, recently announced the launch of a new website. The site includes easy direct links to both the Guy Harvey and Al Agnew e-commerce sites— AFTCO is the clothing licensee for both of these famous artists. The website also includes old photos depicting the company’s long history of marine conservation and industry involvement that dates back to 1958.

The new website provides a wealth of information for consumers. Saltwater anglers can now find answers to questions about AFTCO roller guides, rod parts, gaffs, fishing harnesses and belts, outrigger clips, Unibutts and all other AFTCO tackle items. In addition to the websites rich history of conservation and tackle, it also showcases AFTCO’s complete line of Fishing Tackle and Fishing Clothing. In the video section, users will find a collection of the cool saltwater fishing videos to share with friends and much more. Visit for the complete line of AFTCO Fishing Gear

About AFTCO & Guy Harvey’s Relationship

In 1999, AFTCO became the licensee for Guy Harvey all over print shirts. Then in 2004, AFTCO became the official licensee for all the Guy Harvey Sportswear that is seen on this site. Since that time, the two brands have worked together to build the ever expanding Guy Harvey brand. AFTCO and Guy Harvey have not only grown the Guy Harvey brand, but have worked together in partnership on many conservation issues. In 2010, AFTCO and Guy Harvey teamed up with AFTCO’s retail partners and sales reps to raise $500,000 to support marine research projects for studying possible implications from the BP oil spill. Most recently, AFTCO and Guy Harvey have teamed up to help raise money for the “Rigs to Reefs” campaign through an oil rigs to reefs shirt.


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Jun 30, 2011

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Donates $100,000 to Guy Harvey Research Institute at NSU

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation recently presented a $100,000 donation to the Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) at Nova Southeastern University during a ceremony at the new Guy Harvey Inc. world headquarters in Davie, FL. A significant part of these funds were raised from the sale of Guy Harvey sportswear.  You may not know this, but you, the Guy Harvey customer helped provide these funds with your last Guy Harvey clothing purchase. Money is raised for ocean conservation efforts from the sale of every Guy Harvey shirt, Guy Harvey sandal, Guy Harvey hat, Guy Harvey belt, Guy Harvey jacket and all Guy Harvey clothing items.  This $100,000 will be used to support the ongoing fishery research projects at the GHRI.


Photo, from left to right: Dr. Mahmood Shivji, Director of the Guy Harvey Research Institute; Guy Harvey; Dr. George Hanbury II, President & COO of NSU; Steve Stock, President of Guy Harvey Inc. and the GHOF; John Santulli, VP Facilities Management, NSU; Dr. Richard Dodge, Dean of NSU’s Oceanographic Center

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Jun 3, 2011

Photos, Fishing, Diving and Friends at the Bimini Big Game Club

When we get the opportunity to combine work with our passions, we are indeed blessed.  Last week at the Bimini Big Game Club was just such an opportunity, as I met with my Guy Harvey Outpost Resort Partners (Guy, Mark Ellerd and Charlie Forman), all together for the first time at Bimini. I worked on a photo shoot for the  site and AFTCO catalog, and experienced some great fishing, diving and stand up paddle boarding.

As the licensee and manufacturer/distributor for all Guy Harvey clothing and footwear, one of our tasks at AFTCO is to put together a photo shoot of new product.  This year, we were not only fortunate to do so at the beautiful Bimini Big Game Club, the first Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, but also to have both Guy and his son Alex Harvey there to be the featured models. For the Guy Harvey photo shoots, we always hire a professional photographer, but use regular folks, not professional models.  The people wearing the Guy Harvey clothing you see in our photos for ads, catalog, and online website are all family and friends of Guy Harvey and AFTCO. During the Bimini shoot we took over 1000 photos.  We were able to recruit several of the female students and interns at Dr. Gruber’s Bimini shark lab, so not only did we get some great photos for the Guy Harvey men’s and young men’s lines, but for juniors as well.  Photos from the Bimini shoot will be on line at by October 1, when new products are released.

Photos from the Bimini Photo Shoot

While some of the shoot was located on land, much of it took place while fishing and diving. One of the things that makes the Guy Harvey sportswear line so unique is the authenticity of Guy Harvey and his brand.  Taking pictures of Guy, Alex and others doing what they do on, in, or around the ocean world is the natural way to show Guy Harvey clothing. Guy, Alex and I joined our good friend Bill Boyce as guests on his IGFA Salt Water Adventures TV fishing show for World Fishing Network (WFN) where he captured on camera the excellent fishing and diving that Bimini has to offer.  We went offshore and caught a blue marlin that cooperated with some awesome jumps that are sure to make for great TV.  We enjoyed some great drift, wreck and shark dives, made all the better with 100 foot visibility and post card perfect weather.  We also fit in some bone fishing on the flats and stand up paddle boarding— a great way to see Bimini’s abundant marine life right next to the resort.  

During this same week, the first Bimini Big Game Club Billfish Invitational Tournament was held, so the awesome days on or in the water were topped off with evening and nighttime activities with many friends from the fishing world.  Photos, fishing, diving and friends in Bimini—a great week to remember combining work and fun.


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Feb 10, 2011

Donate $10 or More to Support the California Lawsuit and Get a “Let Us Fish” Hat

Keep America Fishing HatMany of the best fishing spots off of California’s coast are now closed to recreational fishing under the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA)! KeepAmericaFishing™ and the Partnership for Sustainable Oceans (PSO) need your help to support litigation that will reverse the decisions that created these closures.

Donate NowWith a minimum donation of $10 plus shipping you will receive a “Let Us Fish” fishing hat. All proceeds will be used to directly support this important litigation and will go to the Ocean Access Protection Fund, administered by PSO member United Anglers of Southern California (UASC). Help show everyone that recreational anglers in California will not go down without a fight!

To make your donation and order your hat, click here.

To learn more about the ongoing efforts to save recreational fishing in California and to sign up for the latest news and alerts visit

Aug 25, 2010

Guy Harvey, AFTCO & Partners Raise $500,000 For Gulf Marine Life

Success came much faster than expected.  Today we announced that in one month we have already sold out of the 50,000 special Guy Harvey “Save Our Gulf” T-shirts.  While AFTCO Bluewater will produce no more, some of these special shirts will still be available at retail outlets for the next few weeks.  Ten dollars of each shirt sold is donated to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF), so we have now successfully raised $500,000 that will be used to support needed marine life research in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fish and other Gulf marine life will benefit from the $500,000 raised

Even though oil is no longer flowing into the Gulf from the BP spill, and it is reported that over 70% of the spilled oil is now gone mainly due to evaporation and bacteria consuming it, there is no doubt that marine life in the Gulf has been impacted.  Better understanding of how it has been impacted and what to do about it is what the $500,000 will be used for.  The money raised from the sales of the special Guy Harvey T-shirts will be set aside in a separate fund within the GHOF and will be given out to research projects that Guy Harvey and the Board believe will bring the most future benefit to marine life of the Gulf of Mexico.

Many questions will need to be answered, such as, “what impact has the spill had on planktonic animals, fish eggs, larvae and juvenile fish?”, “has there been a significant impact on an important sportfish species such as bluefin tuna, red snapper, redfish, seatrout, or flounder?” and “how will that impact future stocks?”

Our thanks goes out to all who added to the $10 contribution which included Guy Harvey, AFTCO Bluewater, our reps, our suppliers and our retail partners.  We also thank the consumers who made this possible with their strong support of these specific shirts and the Guy Harvey brand.   Our original goal was to sell 10,000 T-shirts and raise $100,000.  For us to raise $500,000 in a month is quite a unique and significant accomplishment.

Meaningful support of the marine resource is part of the culture and DNA of both Guy Harvey and AFTCO Bluewater.  This “Save Our Gulf” T-shirt effort was both fun and rewarding for all of us.  As time passes and we fund various research efforts, we will keep you posted on what is learned.


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Jun 25, 2010

Guy Harvey to Donate $10.00 Per “Save Our Gulf” Shirt to Support Gulf Marine Life

Save Our Gulf

"Save Our Gulf" t-shirt

The effects of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will be with us for some time.  Much of the damage to marine life is not yet even known.  While the highly migratory fish species will be able to avoid the oil, the juvenile stages cannot.  Neither can air-breathing turtles, seabirds, and mammals that must interact with the surface.

Money is needed to help research how marine life will be impacted and to understand how those impacts can best be dealt with to support Gulf marine life.  To help provide those funds, Guy has created two Gulf of Mexico T-shirt designs.  The first delivery of the shirts will be July 14.  Ten dollars of the $20.00 retail price will be donated to a special account within the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) who will then direct the money to research projects and support efforts that Guy and the GHOF believe will provide the greatest benefit to marine life in the Gulf. 

"Gulf Life" t-shirt

"Gulf Life" t-shirt

Unlike many other efforts to tie products into a cause that are more marketing focused than cause supported, this effort is both unusual and sincere.  It reflects the serious marine resource interests of Guy Harvey and his clothing partner AFTCO Bluewater, who both have a long history of supporting a better understanding of the marine world.

This donation effort includes all who are involved with the Guy Harvey T-shirt business.  Six dollars of the donation will come from Guy, AFTCO Bluewater and its suppliers, and from our retail partners.  The other $4.00 will come from general GHOF funds, part of which, are generated from the proceeds of all other Guy Harvey sportswear sales.  While many people don’t know it, Guy Harvey Sportswear sales have for years generated money to help the marine resource.  In 2009 AFTCO  Bluewater contributed over $200,000.00 from Guy Harvey Sportswear sales to the GHOF for their use to help protect, conserve, enhance and better understand the marine resource.

Thank you for your support of Guy Harvey sportswear products.  Whether you purchase a Guy Harvey T-shirt or other Guy Harvey item directly from this site, or from any of our many retail partners, you can do so knowing that part of your purchase will go towards valuable work on behalf of the marine resource.

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Feb 17, 2010

Thanks for Visiting Me at the Miami Boat Show

Guy signing his Guy Harvey fishing t-shirts at the 2010 Miami Boat Show

Guy signing his Guy Harvey fishing t-shirts at the 2010 Miami Boat Show

Thanks to all of you who stopped by at the Miami Boat Show to say hello.  I’ve been part of this show since 1987 and each year brings something different.  This year was the debut for the Guy Harvey Artist Pavilion, a separate booth from the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.  This gave me an opportunity like no other.  I was able to showcase my art collection along with Guy Harvey sportswear and other licensed products which allowed me to spread the word of awareness about marine conservation.

One of the most wonderful surprises from this show and other recent events I have attended is how broad the Guy Harvey customer base has become.  In past shows, I would visit primarily with older saltwater fishermen.  This year in our pavilion, I talked to mothers with their 17 year old sons, dads with their 10 year old daughters, and college students both male and female.  I especially liked talking to the kids, as it is most critical that we educate our youth on the importance of marine conservation.

Jim Buie, sales manager of Nautora with Guy Harvey jewelry from recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

Jim Buie, sales manager of Nautora with Guy Harvey jewelry from recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue

This broadened support base was made obvious by our jewelry licensee Nautora.  As part of their display in the Guy Harvey Artist Pavilion they featured some photos of ladies wearing Guy Harvey jewelry in the current issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Being chosen to participate in this wildly popular event is a testament to both the quality of the Guy Harvey jewelry, and the growing appeal of the Guy Harvey brand.  Thanks to Jim Fortescue and his team at Nautora for making this happen.

As I watched people peruse through the aisles at this year’s boat show, I was in awe to see the amount of attendees wearing some form of Guy Harvey sportswear.  I think it’s important for people to know they are part of something big and making a difference in the world in which we live.  Remember that it takes cash to care and that with the purchase of a Guy Harvey t-shirt, or any of the Guy Harvey products, a percentage of the sale goes to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.  Supporting the foundation that I have organized is imperative, so that researchers can continue to work on important marine resource issues. 

My gratitude goes out to everyone that has supported me throughout the years.  I could not have accomplished what I have without each and every one of you.  Whether you have purchased a Guy Harvey tee, or you’re an art aficionado of my work, or have worked with me in my research.  I thank you.



Guy Harvey